Missouri Trout Trip — We Attack At Dawn.

There is something about leaving for a 4 day fly fishing trip on Thanksgiving Day that just makes your balls bigger.  It is trips like this, that really make you think……man I am a lucky bastard.  Brian had all his gear loaded up in his Santa Fe, and was not only leaving for a 4 day trip, but he was going to have his wife and kids drop him off at the campground with his gear.  On a hope and prayer that I wouldn’t bail on the trip………like that would happen.  What started as a joke between the two of us, quickly developed into planning an extended road trip over the course of 9 days, snowballed to us deciding a month ago to try and fish 20 Missouri trout streams in 4 days. I think we were each secretly wanting to call each other’s bluff, but sometimes that is how the best trips take shape. We chose Montauk State Park as our central meeting point, since Brian was driving up from Gainesville, Missouri and I was traveling from St. Louis. Here are some pics from that first night at camp.  Not much of a story yet……

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