My name is Matt Tucker and I am, and forever will be, a wannabe trout bum. I remember the first time I chased a trout with a fly rod in 2000, I was wearing neoprene rubber boot footed chest waders and we hiked in to the Meremac River at an access called Cardiac Hill. There was 14″ of snow on the ground that day, and I didn’t catch a single fish; but I knew I was hooked.

I am a thirty-something living in St. Louis with my wife, two daughters, and beagle.  The rigors of a full-time job in the construction industry and family home life keep me busy, but I fish more than some, and less than others. I have been fortunate over the years to be involved in various aspects of the fly fishing industry; from working with manufacturers and manufacturer rep companies, to being a published writer and photographer. Along the way I have made a ton of friends, and a few asses. I wouldn’t change any of those experiences I have had over the years except one; i would’ve fished more.

This web site is my attempt at chronicling my evolution as an outdoorsman, fly angler and tyer, photographer, husband, and father. The Ozark Chronicles have meant many things to me since it was first online in 2001 and I am unsure what the future will hold, but the one truth that I know is that the river reboots my soul, and for that I am ever grateful.

–Matt Tucker


Matt Tucker’s Published Work:

  • Eastern Fly Fishing Magazine (To Be Published / Winter 2015/2016) (Winter Tales From The White River)
  • Eastern Fly Fishing Magazine (To Be Published / Fall 2015) (Little Red River; The Other Arkansas Tailwater)
  • Fifty Best Places Fly Fishing The Midwest (Stonefly Press)(To Be Published / Winter 2015) (Current River, Mo)
  • Eastern Fly Fishing Magazine (May/June 2014) (Notes Section; Niangua River, Mo)
  • A Tight Loop e-Zine (Spring 2014) (Cover Photo)
  • A Tight Loop e-Zine (Spring 2014) (Providing and Outlet: The Story of Gateway TU)
  • Eastern Fly Fishing Magazine (May/June 2013) (Current River; A National Park Treasure in the Ozarks)
  • Eastern Fly Fishing Magazine (March / April 2013) (Spring River; Arkansas’ Forgotten Trout Stream)
  • Eastern Fly Fishing Magazine (January / February 2013) (Notes Section; Missouri Trout Parks)
  • Eastern Fly Fishing Magazine; Southern Edition (Fall 2012) (Notes Section; Dry Run Creek, Ar)
  • Eastern Fly Fishing Magazine; Midwest Edition (Fall 2012) (Notes Section; Dry Run Creek, Ar)
  • Eastern Fly Fishing Magazine; Southern Edition (Spring 2012) (Notes Section; North Fork of the White River, Mo)
  • Eastern Fly Fishing Magazine; Midwest Edition (Spring 2012) (Notes Section; North Fork of the White River, Mo)
  • Ozark County Times (November 2005)
  • Hooked On A Cure Celebrity Fly Fishing Classic (June 2005)
  • Fly Rod & Reel Magazine (April 2005 Issue)
  • Outdoors With Tommy Garner (Radio Interview) (July 2004)
  • Fly Rod & Reel Trout Bum Tournament (July 2004)
  • Fly Rod & Reel Magazine (July/Otober 2004 Issue)
  • The New Fly Fisher Television Show Guest (June 2004)
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  1. Hi Matt,

    Loved your site !
    Actually found it from searching on Youtube for Missouri Trout.
    Looks like you’re having a great time. I am planning at least one trip this spring and another late spring/early summer trip. I think from looking at your site I can see the closest places to go from where I now live in Indiana (about 3.5 hours from St Louis. I was in the US Air Force and stationed in Oklahoma for over ten years and learned about Mo. trout from that experience. Went to Roaring River a number of times YEARS ago and to Taneycomo twice – BEFORE Branson was so popular.
    Anyway, thanks again and fish hard!
    Jay Fogle, USAF (Retired), MBA (2009)
    Greencastle Indiana

    • Jay:

      Thanks for the kind words about the site, hopefully you enjoyed the videos on YouTube. Be sure to subscribe / friend my YouTube Channel as we are working on videos for the 2009 Trout Odyssey and a few other things as well. When you want to head over this way, drop me an email and I may be able to give you some more updated information.

      –Matt Tucker

  2. Matt,

    What a great site! My son and I took our first trip to the trout parks (Roaring River) We did not know what to expect…it was crowded…we had fun….

    I was sitting here planning another trip for March and came across your site! Well done. We fly fish like you, not well but determined to look like we know what we are doing.

    My son is 10 and just started casting. Is Roaring the best place to take him to get some “river time”? Any input would be appreciated….

    Please keep updating your site. I will get my son hooked on it today. He already loves to email Tim (Tims Fly Shop) and ask him what they are hittin’ on this week.

    Shaping minds….

    Thanks in advance,
    Michael Miller
    Oklahoma City

    • Thanks for the kind words Mike. Been busy at work lately, I am a bit late with a couple of reports and am going to get out again this weekend, so be sure to keep checking it out (and sign up for the email updates). With regards to you son, Roaring River is a great place, but the key i have found with my daughter is she has to be catching fish and it really helps if she can see the fish too. If you can swing it, perhaps a weekend trip to Dry Run Creek might be in order. It is a 16 and under trout stream, and the fishing is fantastic. Plus, the Norfork river is right next door, so you can fish too. — Matt Tucker

  3. Hi Matt

    Just found the site as I was looking into Missouri fishing creeks. My partner and I live N of Tulsa and are looking for those unique spots to fish. I too am a “budding” blogger so I really enjoyed looking at your site – quite more advanced than mine at this point. We belong to the Green Country FF group out of Bartlesville and I will be sure to pass your site on to the membership as well. Keep fishing and reporting!

    See you on the “quiet stream” soon I hope.


  4. Hey Matt

    2004 Trout Bum Alum – Brad Bohen here.

    Hey I’m traveling through your neck of the woods in a weeks time. Looking to say Howdy.

    Give me a call or email


    Your Pal


    • Brad:

      Been reading lots of cool stuff about you man, something about some sort of Muskie record ;>) ….I am having a little get together at my house on Saturday (12/11) with some other fly-fishing types. My email is matt@ozarkchronicles.com; drop me a line and lets get together when you are in town.

      –Matt Tucker

  5. Matt,

    I am part of a group sponsoring a camping/fishing outing for Casting For Recovery in June. I would like to know if I can post a flier on your site?

  6. Matt,

    I really enjoy your website. Great stuff. I am looking at going to Crane Creek as part of a trip to Branson area. Going wife and another couple. The other husband also fly fishes but not as hardcore as I am. He prefers trout parks and I prefer blue ribbon areas. Anyway, looking for suggestions of where I might find a streamside cabin close to Branson so wives can do there thing yet we guys can perhaps go to Crane Creek and/or Roaring Rivers. Appreciate any suggestions.

    On another note, I leave in Belleville, IL and have really become enamored with Little Piney. Appreciate the info you have on that. Went last Sunday 5/1. Water had dropped but still quite swift. Almost gave up but caught two nice size rainbows above first riffle to left as you enter stream from Park.

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