Catch Magazine — Issue # 13 is Out

So I have been a little lax lately with the web-site and fly-fishing and photography in general.  Lately, I have been spending most of my time in my office with little thought of trout fishing or anything.  Hell, I even missed issue # 12 of Catch.  So I was mindlessly working and a new email notice popped up, and with that I was suddenly reminded of the reason I work.  I work, so I can play.  O’Keefe and Moen brought me back into their reality with another issue of Catch.  I am jealous of their locations and the stories that many of the photographers in this issue tell,, it would be something to go on the trips that these gents go on; but so goes the life of the traveling photographer.  The photography wasn’t as spectacular as I have seen in past issues, probably because I don’t really care for fish “fin” photos, and there was a whole segment on them.  But the issue did what it was supposed to, and that is to get me re-focused on the fall and winter when I will again hit the streams with rod and camera in hand and for that they deserve a thank you.  You can check out the latest issue of Catch Magazine, by clicking HERE.

The Sepia Files (Week 12)

Set. Set. Set. Hit Him.

Hannah Tucker (age 7) on Dry Run Creek with her “sport” Parker Wise (age 6).  Hannah and Parker took to raggin’ on each other about setting the hook on this trip, like we all do with our fishing buddies.  On this day, Parker landed a 27″ rainbow on a fly tied by Hannah.  What the photos don’t show are the proud fathers.  Do yourself a favor, and take a kid fishing you won’t regret it.