Maramec Springs Trout Park — December 30, 2001

Just got back from my trip down to Maramec Spring Trout Park today. Didn’t fare all too bad considering the temperature at the park was 8 degrees for most of the morning. I caught my first fish on a green copper john pattern that I tied up — and it was a bluegill. I caught my second and third fish on green copper johns. I had several hook-ups, but couldn’t bring the fish to hand — again up at the top of the park (near the wire). Craig caught a couple on a red copper john pattern that I tied up. We fished one hole and had a 20in trout continue to feed in front of us the entire time we fished the hole — between craig and I we couldn’t get the fish to hit (although that isn’t saying much). We fished down to the bridge, each picking up a couple of fish and then fished back up to the Blazer. Man was it cold! My hands didn’t begin to thaw out till around Sullivan on the trip home. We met up with Gavin for a bit down there — he was having alright luck and didn’t look nearly as cold as we ere (he was smart and didn’t get there till around 11am or so. All in all it was a great trip. We did have one guy that seemed to crowd us a little. It seemed that once we were catching fish he was in the water we were fishing immediately. I don’t think he had fished the park before, as he asked where the bathrooms were a couple of times. At any rate, there were very few people there (although more than last weekend, go figure) and the guy didn’t show any common courtesy when the park wasn’t full. So we moved on and still continued to catch a couple of fish. Oh well, all in all, it was another great trip — just hope i thaw out in time for the new year. I am thinking of making a trip down to Roaring River during catch and release season in February if anyone is interested — i have never been there and hear it is a real nice park. Anyone else doing any fishing. Mike_S, did you venture down to the park on Sunday — we saw a white tahoe but didn’t know if that was you or not (the guys in it didn’t stop and fish, just looked like they did a circle of the park and left). — Matt Tucker

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