This Is Fly — Issue # 21 is Out

I wonder if Catch Magazine, This is Fly, and Fish Can’t Read wouldn’t be better served if they would stagger the release dates of their publications.  January 2010 also brought about a new issue of This is Fly.  Had I not already read Catch, I would have thought that this was another solid issue, and in most cases it was — but the online publications have already fallen to the trap of similiar stories in competing publications (e.g. the January issues of This is Fly and Catch both feature a story on Tasmania).  I still find that the photography in Catch is just a step above This is Fly, but I think that both are flights above print magazines.  At any rate, this issue of This Is Fly is another solid effort, but i find myself starting to lose interest in the really clever advertisements and well-shot product photos.  Is it possible that there is just TOO much and it is just TOO busy.  Maybe…..I wonder if I am getting older, or if too much advertising is actually a bad thing.

At any rate, this issue of This is Fly did a remarkably well job of reminding me of those places which I will probably never get a chance to fish and in that aspect it did its job well….keeping me dreaming.  You can check out the latest issue of This is Fly here.