Sleeping In The Dirt — New Fly-Fishing E-Zine

SleepingInTheDirt-Issue#1-CoverAaron Otto is a photographer whose work I have admired for some time.  He seems to capture some really stunning images; i mean S-T-E-L-L-A-R Images.  So it was with great pleasure that I read on his blog “Sleeping in the Dirt“, a few months ago, that he was developing an online e-zine called Sleeping In the Dirt.  The issue was finally out Sunday.

The first issue is 47 pages long and is filled with stellar photography and a few destination style articles.  The magazine on its table of content page has the following slogan “No Sponsors, No Advertisers, No Limits…..No Shit.” and that is exactly what you get in this issue.  It is everything that is right with online fly fishing, in terms of killer photography, well written concise descriptions of the photos and maybe a little intro into the pictorial (although there weren’t any really “feature” articles in this issue, he hints at a 15 page article in the next issue).  All in all it is a fine effort, and I look forward to the next issue, you should definitely check it out.