Dry Run Creek; A Trip Report by Hannah Tucker

Dry Run Creek

This weekend I had the pleasure of spending Friday afternoon and Saturday morning on Dry Run Creek with my 8 year old daughter Hannah and my long-time fishing buddy Brent McClane, as well as the Wise family (Brian, Jenny, Parker, and Carter).  It was Brent McClane’s first trip to watch the kids fish Dry Run, and afterward, I am quite certain he feels that this is a special place and that many more states should create a special area like this for the future of the outdoors.  It is with that logic, that I have asked Hannah if she would do the write-up for the site and tell the story of our fishing trip.

Hannah’s Fishing Trip To Dry Run Creek

By: Hannah Tucker

My fishing trip started by meeting Brent at Crackle  Barrel.  We ate breakfast before we hit the road.  I had 2 pancakes and 2 pieces of bacon. (F.Y.I.  I love bacon and pigs are my favorite animal.)  After we ate Dad helped Brent move his stuff.  Then we left to go to dry run creek.  When we were in Rolla we stopped at Wal-Mart to get me a fleece coat.  At lunch we went to Fred’s fish house.  I had a pulled pork sandwich with French fries.  Once we left Fred’s fish house we were almost there.  Brent and dad wood not stop farting. Mostly Brent was farting.  I know because I sat behind him in the car.  About 1:00 on Friday we were  at dry run.  Brian, Parker, Jenny, and Carter came to0.  On Friday the flies I used were a worm and an egg.  Carter caught the biggest fish on Friday.  We fished some more and I hooked a big brown.  We went to an Italian place and I got chicken alfrado.  Me Brent, and dad went to a hotel.  We went to bed and fell a sleep.  When we woke up we went to western sizzlin.  I got a cinnamon roll and more  bacon.  Then we left and went back to dry run.  In  morning I hooked a giant brown.  We moved up stream and saw a bunch of fish.  I fished it and got some really beautiful  fish.  There were purple and red strips on the bottom of some of them.  I got tired so we left.  We went to Colton’s Steak House but it is not worth writing about.   The end.

As you can see, it isn’t always about the fish catching when we take Kid’s fishing, but it is often the catching that will help hold their interest long enough to continue to do it.  Dry Run Creek never disappoints, and I look forward to every trip I get to take down there with Hannah.  Admittedly the report above leaves out alot of the fishing details, about the countless fish she landed or the numerous fish she lost (including the fish that Carter Wise later hooked and fought by himself); and maybe we should take note of that and realize that it isn’t always about the catching and to appreciate the entire trip; I know Hannah definitely reinforced that with me.  So, if you want more details of the trip, you will just have to ask Hannah….next time you see her on the stream or at her favorite fly shop.

–matt tucker