White River (10/25/09)

We had reached the final day of our 4 day trip to the White River, and on most last days we generally fish around wherever we are staying until about 9am or so and get on the road; but we opted to float from the Dam to Gaston’s boat ramp again this morning.

We rose early and filled our bellies with the last of Gaston’s Biscuits & Gravy that we will have this trip and headed off to the boat ramp, we were fishing by 6:40am (little did we know that David forgot the keys to our shuttle vehicle inside of the rig at the ramp) and had a fish on the very first cast / drift.

The fishing was very similar to what we had seen the previous days.  Enough “dink” rainbows to get bored with it on Tungsten B.H. San Juan Worm and Glo Ball Egg under a Thingamabobber indicator.  Craig did throw a B.H. Wolly Bugger into the mix later on the drift and picked up an aerobatic rainbow or two.  The wind picked up as we reached the bottom of Cane Island, and that was enough for us to essentially reel end and row out to the ramp (when we discovered we didn’t have keys for the shuttle vehicle).  Big props to Jim @ Gaston’s who works in the maintenance department as he gave us a ride up to get our rig as Craig stayed with the boat.  I know Gaston’s sometimes gets a bad wrap on the White River, and their drink prices and non-breakfast food is expensive as all hell but thier customer service is spot on and i was really impressed with the response I got when I asked a cleaning crew staff member what the chances were of hitching a rid up to the Dam.  Kudos to them for sure.

All in all it was a great 4 days on the White River, as Craig and I headed for St. Louis around 11:15am or so and hit rain by the time we got on Hwy 63 and drove in it most of the way.  I can’t wait to do this trip again.