Catch Magazine — Issue # 10 is Out

CatchMagazine-March2010 The March 2010 issue of Catch Magazine was unveiled today.  This is issue # 10 for those of you counting , and I am glad it keeps going strong.  The cover shot this issue is by Brian O’ Keefe and it is this kind of shot that had me out buying an underwater housing for my camera a few weeks ago (Now I just need a pig of a fish to test it out on).  Combine the cover shot with the pictorial of Tim Pask’s underwater captures and well that is what separates the fly-fishing photographer from the hobbyists like myself.  Tim has captured some great shots underwater and some of them are shown in this issue.

Todd Moen’s video ad for Circle 3 Ranch in Montana is a really well shot clip that gives the background of the ranch, and features some pretty good fishing as well.  I would watch a commercial like that any day of the week.  His short on fishing “The Early Season” of Argentina was stellar as well.  In between, there is stellar photography that I have come accustomed to in Catch.

The issue closes out with the guys at Finback Films showing of their short “Northwoods”, which they claim was shot while testing out a new camera for a feature they are working on.  If this is something they went out and just captured, I can’t wait to see stuff they are planning out.  All in all, O’Keefe and Moen do it again with this issue, and you can check it out for free here.

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