Cabela's Grand Opening

Today I worked at the Cabela’s Grand Opening at the St. Louis Mills location.  This store has been open for about 2 weeks but this was the weekend of the grand opening.  I was there in the flyshop helping out with Scientific Anglers products and just generally helping the fly shop employees and customers.  This Cabela’s is an impressive store with about 130,000 sq/ft of outdoors related products — enough to incourage just a little day-dreaming.  Due to some prior committments I was only able to be present on Sunday, but I did meet a ton of great people and a few of which I gave cards to and hope that they become members of the community.  As I work more, and more, of these shows I am finding what a close knit group the Pro-Staffers and Reps are.  I have seen the same individuals over the course at other store functions such as BassPro Fishing Classics (referred to in Cabela’s as “Brand X”) and BassPro Hunting Classics as well as sporting goods related shows and have started to forge friendships with a great group of people over the past several years of doing this.

I haven’t been on the water in a couple of weeks, it seems work commitments have kept me from chasing fish and will do so this coming week as well with the Cardinals being in town (my wife and I are going to the game on Friday night).  But, with the seats we will have for the Friday night game I should have some great photos for as we will be only 2 rows off of the field.  I will hopefully be on the water the following weekend — or perhaps an evening or two during the week.  More to follow later.

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