Breaking In Some Newbs On The Niangua

2013-01-19pic002800pxEarly January found me back on the Niangua River, taking my brother-in-law, Bob Weber, on his first fly fishing trip.  Bob’s dad, Dan, joined us for this trip as well.  It was a cold morning start, but the temps warmed up pretty quickly.  We ended up sticking with the same Bennet Spring State Park Boat Ramp to NRO float that I have been doing and again, the fishing did not disappoint, even with a couple of new fly fisherman in the boat.  Bob hooked up with his first trout on a fly rod early in the day, and Dan was able to stick a couple when we got out of the boat to wade fish in a few spots.  All in all, it was another good day on the Niangua River, and it keeps me coming back for more.

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