Meramec Springs Trout Park (St. James, MO) — April 16, 2005

I made one of my bi-annual trips to one of the trout parks during the catch and keep season on Saturday. The weather was perfect — mid 40’s when we arrived with the temps rising to the mid 70’s and sunny. It was a perfect morning, so I don’t understand what kept all of the people at home (unless it is the sky rising gas prices). Brent Hinds and I met up at 4:30am for breakfast at Denny’s and arrived at the park by 6:30am. We were on the water shortly after the whistle and fishing was good. I caught between 8 and 10 fish in little more than 3.5hrs of fishing on a #16 Olive V-Rib Bead Head Midge under a palsa indicator about 3ft deep. I also picked up a fish with a ginger / mohair leech. The morning was a good morning on the water. Brent took a baptism in the water, after falling in off of the concrete walk at the top of the park (nearly clothes-lining himself on the cable) but only damaged his ego a little bit when I couldn’t stop laughing. I felt bad……then I laughed some more. After we cleaned the fish, we farted around the park trying to hunt for a big fish or two to pick up. No luck in spotting those, so we decided to walk back up to the top of the park when we ran in to two new fly fisherman (Mark and Andy). We talked with them for about an hour and helped them with what little we could, before I had to leave to head back to St. Louis about 11:30am. It was a good day on the water, mainly due to the lack of crowds and the company. As before there won’t be many fishing trips until fall — unless they pop up like this weekends trip. Fish Hard……………….

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