Bass Pro Sportsman’s Warehouse (St. Charles, MO) — March 4, 2005

I got my first taste of being a manufacturers rep this weekend, when I was asked by a manufacturers rep to help promote Scientific Anglers at the 2005 Bass Pro Shop Fishing Classic as a member of the SA ProStaff. It was an interesting thing to say the least. Dominic, Steve, and Ralph are all great guys at the White River Fly Shop inside the store. It was quite interesting with the number of “unique” questions that I was asked. It was quite a treat to get to hang out in a fly shop and answer questions about fly lines and fly fishing in general. It was a complete blast and a ton of fun. Hopefully, I will get asked back next year. We ran out of all of the SA HeadStart 5wt line and all but one box of GPX 5wt. It was a great event, and I sold a ton of product during the weekend. On Saturday, a couple of the fly fisherman from Ozark Fly Fishers showed up and tied in the morning, and then I met a couple of fly fisherman from John Wilson’s message board, along with Brent Hinds, for lunch and we talked about fly lines and the such. I got to spend time with customers talking about fly lines, rod actions, and even got to spend a little time behind the vice. All in all it was a great weekend (even with the LONG hours).

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