Spring River (Mammoth Spring, Arkansas) — March 19, 2004

McClane was late again. I told him not to underestimate the amount of time it would take to get to my house in BFJC (Bum F#C$$NG Jefferson County) but apparently him and Kotcher stopped to gauk at the trash truck that was on fire on I-270. That being said, they made it (about 30 minutes later than expected) and we were on our way, leaving St. Louis around 5:30pm. They say getting there is half the fun, well when your are traveling with McClane and Kotcher you have to wait for the fun because McClane is always late. We stopped off in Roll for dinner, at Denny’s at none of the less. After peroozing the menu, McClane and I were engaged in the usual banter when I said “F$%k You” to him in front of our friendly local Denny’s waitress (insert stereotype). It was usual, but she was a quick thinker and commented that it would be OK, but only if she could watch. After busting our guts, chowing down our food, and watching our lovely quick-witted waitress flirt with McClane we were on our way. There is more to the story of our stop at Denny’s, like the bathroom from hell and other quick-witted waitress phrases but they are best told over a Boulevard Beer. Back to the fishing…….

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