Maramec Springs Trout Park (St. James, MO) — December 27, 2003

I fished Maramec Springs Trout Park yesterday afternoon (12/27/03) with Brent McClane, Joe Ondruss Sr., and Joe Ondruss Jr. McClane and I met at the Denny’s near Bowles and I-44 around 9:15am for breakfast and Joe and his son arrived around 10am and we were on our way. The plan was to fish from around 11am until the whistle at 4pm. The forecast was not pretty for today with windy conditions all day and gusts up to 40mph. The wind was out in full force most of the afternoon, but it didn’t seem to effect the fishing for some of us. We all started fishing the water at the top of the Park (above the island and near the cable) where Joe’s son took the first fish, a nice 14″ rainbow, on a white jig (he was fishing with an ultralight, as he does not know how to fly fish). Joe and his son fished on downstream to around the first bend while McClane and I stayed in the upper section of the park. When the sun was out, the fish were pretty easy to spot in the water — but they weren’t not so easy for me to catch. Brent ended up having a stellar day sight fishing to fish and ended the day with 15 fish (Partridge and Orange Soft Hackles, tan scuds, olive scuds, and olive brassies), all caught on the left side of the island from the deep hole up to the cable. I brought to hand one fish (caught on an olive #18 v-rib tungsten head midge) and lost 5 other fish on legitimate hook ups. Today was just not my day. I did learn not to overlook the fast water on the left side of the island for fish, there was a guy that was catching fish left and right in this water, and McClane had some luck in this water as well. All in all it was a great day on the water with great friends. This was McClane’s first trip to Maramec Springs in several years and he was impressed with the upper water. After this trip, we are leaning towards the color of scuds and main insects in this water as being olive (mainly olive scuds and such). Only the next trip will tell, but I will be sure to post up how we do. This was the last fishing trip of 2003 and what a great year it has been. I have been lucky to share the stream with some knew faces and made several friendships in the process. I can’t wait to see what 2004 has in store.

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