SpringRise at Westover (Steelville, Missouri) — September 23, 2001

Well, i have done it. I went to Springrise today with a buddy of mine and caught my first fish on a fly that i tied. My first fish was a nice 2lb rainbow that hit my black wooly (with the Krystal flash that Gavin showed me how to tie with the peacock herl). My second fish on the same fly was a 4lb rainbow. Then iĀ proceededĀ to take 2 browns — one about 3lbs. IT WAS AWESOME TO CATCH FISH ON A FLY THAT I TIED MYSELF. Fished the rest of the day in the Garden area because the water level in dry creek appeared to low and water too warm. My friend caught several fish on some brown wooley’s that i tied — he hooked the biggest fish on the day (probably about a 5lb), but it snapped off. It was a great day to fish. Can’t wait to make the trip again soon.

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