Westover Farms; A Day Filled With 3wt Fun

2011-03-27pic003(Edited)(Resized)What started as a weekend with Evan Muskopf, from Feather-Craft, throwing big ass streamers from the drift boat down on the White River, ended with a late march snow in St. Louis and a rising Little Piney River, ended with a trip to the private trout stream in Steelville, Missouri (Westover Farms) with Evan and Craig Peterson.  Evan had been hearing stories of some steelhead strain rainbows that had found their way into the stream due to some past flooding; but neither him or I ever had much of a reason to head down there to check it out, until the rain/snow put the Little Piney on the rise; and with that we called down to Tom (the caretaker) to secure our places on the property for Sunday..

Evan and I had been prepared to fish the Little Piney, so we didn’t have much in the terms of high water flies or what not, and we were both armed with 3wts, while Craig seemed to be the only one who was sane enough to bring a 5wt.  After rigging up, we were on the water and immediately Evan is hollering for the net.  A synthetic leech pattern was the ticket, as he landed a very nice rainbow; which seemed to be the pattern of the day.  Evan did quite well with some of the larger fish of the day, and Craig got in to the party too with his last fish of the day.  I was shut out at the dance, in terms of big fish, having lost my one and only hook-up with one; but that is how it goes some days.

We originally were looking to be back in St. Louis by 2pm, but fishing was good enough we didn’t leave until about 2:30 or so.  Lots of fish were brought to hand on a variety of flies; buggers, eggs, wiggle stone nymphs, mohair leeches, rag sculpins, and synthetic leeches and streamers.  It was a good day on the water.  If you haven’t been done to Westover Farms, I would highly suggest that you check it out.   The rest of the photos from today are in the gallery below.

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