Like A Kid Waiting On Santa….

It isn’t often that a 32 year old man has the “santa syndrome.”  As we grow older the appeal of Christmas and the mysterious ways of Santa Claus looses its appeal as we age.  Yet for the past week, I find myself counting down the days until February 1, 2009 with as much energy and hope as a 4 year old waiting on the big guy in red.

February 1 is a magical time for the Ozark fly fisherman.  Some of the biggest trout in the midwest have made their homes in a section of unmolested water below Bull Shoals Dam and they haven’t seen an angler since October 31.  These fish can be epic in size, and my first experience with low water on this river had me referencing the fish as “logs”, because they were so damn big.

The fishing isn’t glorious, and on low water it can be rather crowded, but for some reason the appeal of trout over 10lbs leaves me moist with anticipation for February 1 every year.

If you have never experienced, what are you waiting for.  Gas prices are only going to go up, and the economy isn’t going anywhere soon; so get out and fish.

–Matt Tucker

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