Cheap Fly Rods and Cheap Women

There was a post on the forum about cheap fly rods and while I tend to spread the wealth around several different vendors I seem to always go back to the same 2 rods when fishing.

So it wasn’t until I gave this some thought that I had an epiphany.  Sure it could have been the fact that it happened yesterday while dining on lunch at an establishment by the name of “Beavers” (they are selling franchises by the way) regarding this concept of a “cheap rod”.

Truth be told, fly rods are a lot like strippers.  While the expensive ones are often fun to look at, and serve a purpose, they don’t always offer any more functionality.  In regards to strippers, I have always found that the cheaper ones try harder, and that really ought to count for something.  I don’t know……but it kind of makes you think about your next fly rod purchase.

–Matt Tucker

Change is Gonna Come…

I guess it has been all this talk about “change” in the media, or it could have been the fact that Tim Russert died, or hell it could be that I despise weather over 80 degrees and have no real desire to fish in such heat.  But anyway, I have brought a little change in the design to the OC and have attempted to try and tidy some things up and add some new stuff as well.  I guess the difference between the OC and the candidates is that well….um we changed before we talked about it…..