Trout Park – Montauk State Park

Brent Hinds showing off a nice Montauk Trout Park rainbow trout.

Brent Hinds showing off a nice Montauk Trout Park rainbow trout.

Description of Water

Montauk Trout Park is located in Montauk State Park, approximately 21 miles southwest of Salem, Missouri. The fishing area at Montauk consists of approximately 3 miles of stream and the 3 acre Montauk Lake. A daily fishing permit is required to fish in the park during the Catch & Keep season — these permits are available at the main lodge. The fishery is managed by the MDC and the amount of fish stocked is determined by a formula that includes the number of tags sold that day in the previous year.

Montauk Trout Park is a a very scenic trout park, and includes separate fishing areas, or Zones, that include Catch & Release areas, Fly Fishing Only areas, and Natural Bait areas. Fishing is often crowded during the Catch and Keep season, however if the temperature is below 30 degrees during the Winter Catch and Release season you can often have a whole stretch of water to yourself.

Popular Access Points

  1. Montauk State Park Lodge (Google Earth Download) (Garmin Waypoint Download)

Maps of Stream

  1. Missouri Department of Conservation Map of Montauk Trout Park

Recommended Fly Patterns

  1. Mohair Leech (Size: 10)(Color: Olive)
  2. Crackleback (Size: 16)(Color: Sulphur or PMD)
  3. Elk Hair Caddis (Size: 18)(Color: Natural)
  4. Tungsten BH WoolyBugger (Size: 8)(Color: Black, Olive, or Brown)
  5. Tungsten Flashback BH Hare’s Ear Nymph (Size: 16)(Color: Natural)

Stream Specific Links

  1. USGS Stream Gauge Link at Montauk State Park
  2. Weather Forecast for Area (Salem, MO)

Stream Photos

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