Trout Park – Maramec Spring Trout Park

Description of Water

Located 6 miles west of St. James, Missouri; Maramec Spring Park is the only trout park in Missouri that is not a State Park. The land is privately owned and run by the James Foundation; however the fishery is run by MDC. Currently, there are no trophy areas, or seperate fishing zones at Maramec Spring, but all fishing is restricted to one specific area. Maramec Spring Park is stocked daily with rainbow trout, and there are no bait restrictions in the park.

The park is the closest trout park to St. Louis and because of this, does develop quite the crowd on most days from March through October, but during the Catch & Release season (November – February) you may be one of five cars in the park. Fishing isn’t the only thing to do in the park, as there are plenty of sights to see, and depending upon the time of the year this location offers an excellent chance to view several Bald Eagles in a day.

Because the park is privately owned, there is a small parking fee per car. Fishing requires a state fishing license, (Ages 16-64), as well as a daily permit (required during the catch and keep season) which may be purchased at the park store. The park store is located at the entrance to the park, and it opens 1 hour before fishing does. For information call the park office (573) 265-7801.

Popular Access Points

  1. Maramec Spring Park (Google Earth Download) (Garmin Waypoint Download)

Maps of Stream

  1. Missouri Department of Conservation Map of Maramec Spring Trout Park

Recommended Fly Patterns

  1. Mohair Leech (Size: 10)(Color: Olive)
  2. Crackleback (Size: 16)(Color: Sulphur or PMD)
  3. Elk Hair Caddis (Size: 18)(Color: Natural)
  4. Tungsten BH WoolyBugger (Size: 8)(Color: Black, Olive, or Brown)
  5. Tungsten Flashback BH Hare’s Ear Nymph (Size: 16)(Color: Natural)

Stream Specific Links

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