White River (Beaver Dam)

Matt Tucker fishing on the White River below Beaver Dam.

Matt Tucker fishing on the White River below Beaver Dam.

Description of Water

The Beaver Tailwater of the White River System begins at the Beaver Lake Dam and lies between the Beaver Lake and Table Rock Lake and is less than 20 miles from the Missouri / Arkansas border. The trout fishing on the Beaver Tailwater is considered to be approximately 8 miles long — beginning at the Beaver Dam and ending somewhere around Houseman Access. The Beaver Tailwater may be the most overlooked tailwater in Arkansas.

My first trip to this river was in 2004 during the Fly Rod & Reel Trout Bum Tournament. I had the pleasure of fishing with Ken Richards (Just Fishin’ Guides). It was during this trip, that I realized how special of a place this river was. Unlike the other tailwaters in Arkansas, this tailwater remains relatively undeveloped on the banks of the river and you get a true since that you are in the middle of the ozarks. The day we were there, the fish were willing and we had a great numbers day of catching Rainbow Trout and Brown Trout. The Beaver Tailwater is near the town of Eureka Springs, Arkansas which offers numerous unique Bed & Breakfasts as well as restaurants to make a weekend trip an enjoyable affair with your special someone. But don’t be fooled by the surroundings, there are some big fish to be had in the Beaver Tailwater for the angler that puts in the time.

The most important number to remember when fishing this water is 866-494-1993 which will indicate if they are generating water or not.

Popular Access Points

  1. Dam Site Park Access with Boat Ramp (Google Earth Download) (Garmin Waypoint Download)
  2. Parker Bend Access (Google Earth Download) (Garmin Waypoint Download)
  3. Bertrand Access with Boat Ramp (Google Earth Download) (Garmin Waypoint Download)
  4. Houseman Access with Boat Ramp (Google Earth Download) (Garmin Waypoint Download)

Maps of Stream

  1. Arkansas Game & Fish Commission Map of Beaver (Beaver Dam)

Recommended Fly Patterns

  1. Tungsten BH WoolyBugger (Size: 8)(Color: Black, Olive, or Brown)
  2. Crackleback (Size: 16)(Color: Sulphur or PMD)
  3. Trout Crack (Size: 18)(Color: Tan, Olive, or Grayl)
  4. Tungsten B.H. Zebra Midge (Size: 18)(Color: Olive, Clear, Black, Brown)
  5. Tungsten BH CopperHead Midge (Size: 18)(Color: Rust)

Stream Specific Links

  1. US Army Corp of Engineers Water Generation at Beaver Tailwater
  2. Weather.com Weather Forecast for Area (Eureka Springs, AR)

Photos of Stream

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