North Fork of the White River featured on Outdoor Channel

Ozark Fly-Fishing Guide Brian Wise is no stranger to the OzarkChronicles.  Brian is a good friend of mine, and a really good fisherman; if the guy would only catch a fish on a turk’s tarantula I might actually think he can walk on water.  So it is with great pleasure (and maybe a hint of jealousy) that I am posting that he is once again a television star.  Earlier this spring, an episode of Outdoor Channel Outfitters was filmed at River of Life Farm on the banks of the North Fork of the White River, and Brian was one of the guides featured in the episode to help with a Project Healing Waters event that was being hosted at ROLF.  After speaking with Brian about the show and the event, I can tell you he had a blast doing it.

The episode also features an Ozark Fly Fishers member, Mike Ott, doing extremely well on the water in Brian’s boat prior to the event.  This is at least the second time that Brian has shown-up on the Outdoor Channel and I seriously think this guy should invest in an acting coach or something (perhaps Mr. Paul Dallas can give him some advice about being on camera).  You can view both shows by CLICKING HERE.