The Sepia Files (Week 1)


A Southern Missouri Spring Creek.

The photo above was shot on a spring day after fishing the North Fork of the White River in southern Missouri.  It is of the spring which flows from Hodgsons Mill, and is currently privately owned.  Although the spring isn’t currently home to any trout, it does offer a great place for a photographer to stop and get some interesting photos of the spring, its mill, and the surroundings.

The Sepia Files — Coming Soon

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The Sepia Files Are Coming.

Many of the faithful know that I am a bit of a shutterbug.  More times then not, when on a stream, I will put down the fly rod and reach for the camera to snap some photos.  As fly-fisherman, we are surrounded by some of the most spectacular scenery in the country on any given day, yet very few of us take time away from the next cast to appreciate all that is around us during those moments on the water.  The Sepia Files will be my weekly attempt at showcasing some of those moments.

This will be a weekly addition to the blog and a new image will be posted every Wednesday in an effort to get us through the week and headed toward the weekend.  I hope you all enjoy.

–Matt Tucker