2 thoughts on “The Sepia Files (Week 2)

  1. I recognize that outhouse. Long time ago, after a night of heavy drinking of Old Crow and too many corn chips dunked in Mexican Villa hot sauce . . . . I retired to this lonely stall with a fresh copy of Fly-Fisherman featuring Sarah Palin on the cover, and before I could even make it to the table of contents, I had an eruption so violent that seismologists around the world began calling one another. As you can see from the photo – it cause the door frame to come unfastened and even brought a couple tree branches down one the roof. One of my top 5 shits ever.
    Paul Dallas

    • Mr. Dallas sir,

      It does me well to know that you are still walking this fine earth. Thank you for taking me down memory lane on one of you bowel movements, it is clear to me that you are a man of stature. But I do know that this was only a dream….as Sarah Palin was never on the cover of Fly-Fisherman…..at least not yet anyway.


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