2009 Missouri Trout Odyssey — Day 5 (1 Streams)


We could have ended the 2009 Missouri Trout Odyssey a day earlier, but unfortunately a goose egg on the Current River was not acceptable, and besides, we had to drive back to Rolla anyway to get to Brian’s car and really wanted to spend an hour or two more on the Current.  I will spare you a bunch of the details, but big streamers do in fact work on the Current River (in particular a Galloup Black Bottom’s Up worked on this day).  And with the hike back to the rig, the trip was over.  There were no words, there was no ticker-tape parade (although perhaps they were throwing one for us in the town of Neosho), but we set out to do what we wanted to do and that was what mattered.

This trip is one that I encourage everyone to take.  An old internet nemesis once told me to step outside of my box, and knowledge comes through experience not always success.  At the time I didn’t get it, but as time evolves I am certain that the old man is right.  As time goes by the man wasn’t a hater, he was simply trying to point me in the right direction.  So step outside of your box from time to time, and visit those streams that you may not have fished before, chances are that you will head back to them.  We did……and we will again…


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