Fish Can’t Read — Issue # 2 is Out


Fly-Fishing’s new e-zine “Fish Can’t Read” (Volume 1, Issue 2, November 2009) made its debut on Thursday.  I was a bit skeptical about “Fish Can’t Read” when I first learned about it.  This e-zine concept started with This Is Fly (which for some reason is loosing my interest….perhaps because of all of the advertisements) and was furthered with Brian O’Keefe’s focus on photography in Catch Magazine (which is absolutely phenomenal) and now brings us “Fish Can’t Read.”

In my opinion, “Fish Can’t Read” hopes to do for writers, what Catch is hoping to do for photographers and that is catch their interest and focus on some really good writing and this issue does just that with some interesting well-written stories.  My favorite of the bunch this issue was by Kieth Barton titled “Paris Hilton is Now; But the Silver Hilton Is Forever”, because I think he nails it and I was also found of “Fly Fishing at a Crossroads; Who are We?” by Mark McGlothlin and you throw in some well written poems as well as some images from an English chalk-stream and you have a pretty interesting way to spend a lunch hour or two at the office.  The next issue will be out in January, and I am looking forward to it.

–Matt Tucker

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