Lake Taneycomo (Branson, MO) — May 27, 2005

We spent Friday playing¬†miniature¬†golf and visiting the Ripley’s Believe It or Not museum in Branson, when it started to rain. We headed back to the hotel to get out of the rain, and I convinced Karen to let me stop by River Run Outfitters. Well, the shop was not very busy and Stan and Carolyn were on vacation, so I didn’t hang around there long. Back to the hotel we went, when my saint of a wife offered to take the kids to the indoor pool and give me the car to take to the dam and fish for a bit. I told her I would be back by 8pm and was off. Unfortunately, I must have had some bad karma as the generation gods seemed to be playing with the water levels (up and down) and I couldn’t seem to get any drift right. I hooked up with 2 fish in 3 hours and then decided to put the rod away and shoot photos of other fisherman and of the outlets……I can only take so much of being surrounded by a ton of fish at your feet only to not catch anything (and I refused to shuffle).

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