Spring Creek (Rolla, Missouri) — January 16, 2005

January 16, 2005

Brian and I woke about 7am and after showers and packing up, we were sitting at Shoney’s for breakfast. It was then that I realized unless it is a greasy spoon diner, Denny’s is the only fishing breakfast for me. It had snowed a little over the night and Rolla recieved a light dusting of snow. It was still butt cold with a temp in the single digits again this morning. By 9:30am we were on our way to the water.

Spring Creek is a different type of water than I am used to. I normally do not fish small wild trout streams and prefer to fish the trout parks during C&R season and then fish the tailwaters of Arkansas during the other times of the year. We accessed the creek at a public access and found that the river was in the recent days quite high, and appeared to be higher than the photos that I ahd seen in the past.

No matter, we were here and we were going to fish. And fish we did. I hooked in to a fish not shortly after starting while fishing a black mohair leech. The fish quickly got off and that would be the closes that I would come to a fish the entire day (other than seeing 2 follows). Brian on the other hand ventured a little further upstream than I did and was rewarded with one 3″ rainbow with parr marks caught on a mohair leech. Not too much to report on this stream other than it was sunny and the temps were in the teens with wind. The fish are there, but they aren’t as easy to catch, and I will definitely be back and hopefully will get to share a stream with Brian in the future.

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