Maramec Springs Trout Park — Sept. 29, 2002

I got back from a short trip to Maramec Springs this morning around noon. I fished with Jim Collins, and met up with Gavin (crcaddis) and Bill (XIomen) and Bill’s son. We arrived at the park around 6am (I forgot what time they let the gate open), and was quickly reminded that it was “catch and keep” season, as there was about 8 cars inline in front of us and about 10 in line after us. It was ALOT more crowded today, than it was last weekend — I believe this will be my last trip to “the park” until the C&R season; or some really crappy weather. As for the fishing. Jim or I could not scratch one fish. Actually, I saw very few people catching fish at the buzzer — but did see several bait fishermen with limits of fish. The water was a little

higher than last weekend, and we did see quite a few fish — however couldn’t get them to hit. I missed one fish on a crackleback. Because it was so crowded, i ended up fishing alot of water I normally don’t fish.It was still a good day fishing, just not very productive. But I guess that is why they call it fishing and not catching. — Matt Tucker

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