When Guiding Goes Gangster — Drake Video Award (Best Humor)


The Drake recently held its Drake Magazine Video Awards at the Fly Fishing Retailers show in Denver, and it looks like RA Beattie added another award with his short entitled “When Guiding Goes Gangster”, as it won “Best Humor” in the contest.  RA has a pretty good blog about the filming of it, the award, and a 7-11 trip after he won the award on his blog, which you can read by clicking here.  Anytime you can combine fly-fishing and Snoop you know something good will come of it.

2 thoughts on “When Guiding Goes Gangster — Drake Video Award (Best Humor)

  1. Great Video….but confirms all I have heard about the Drake’s video awards being a “buddy-buddy” wins all and takes all. Come on, if you are running a video contest (Tom Bie) and star in one of the videos that wins (When Guiding Goes Ganster)—need I say more.

    Don’t get me wrong, the videos are awesome….it’s just the same core videographers every year.

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