Roaring River

Matt Tucker is seen here fishing a section of Roaring River.

Matt Tucker is seen here fishing a section of Roaring River.

Description of Water

Roaring River’s headwater start within Roaring River State Park and flow to Table Rock Lake. The stream itself, outside of the State Park is a managed trout fishery for its entire 6 miles, but the better concentrations of fish lie within the first 3 miles.

The stream is a typical small ozark stream, but there is a variety of water types within this stream. Be sure to bring a smaller fly rod and smaller flies to ensure success on this stream.

Popular Access Points

  1. Prier Road Walk-In Access (Google Earth Download) (Garmin Waypoint Download)

Maps of Stream

  1. Missouri Department of Conservation Map of Roaring River

USGS Stream Flow Data

  1. There are no USGS Stream Gauges on this stream at this time.

Recommended Fly Patterns

  1. Mohair Leech (Size: 10)(Color: Olive)
  2. Crackleback (Size: 16)(Color: Sulphur or PMD)
  3. Elk Hair Caddis (Size: 18)(Color: Natural)
  4. Tungsten BH WoolyBugger (Size: 8)(Color: Black, Olive, or Brown)
  5. Tungsten Flashback BH Hare’s Ear Nymph (Size: 16)(Color: Natural)

Stream Specific Links

  1. Weather Forecast for Area (Cassville, MO)

Stream Photos

2008-11-30pic020(Roaring River)(resized) 2008-11-30pic019(Roaring River)(resized) 2008-11-30pic013(Roaring River)(resized) 2008-11-30pic021(Roaring River)(resized) 2008-11-30pic026(Roaring River)(resized)