Gateway TU — Beers, Bison & Bass Benefit


Gateway TU held a fundraiser today at Sayersbrook Bison Ranch. It was a catch and release bass tournament. While there were not alot of entries, 11 teams total. It was a good time. What a great property. My dad and I won the tournament, with my dad putting all the bass in the boat….I stuck with fly fishing for the day.

Second Salt Trip….Better Than The First


I finally landed a fish from the salt water. Today’s half-day trip with Awesome Adventure Charters had Kaitlyn out in the boat with me. She did not want to try fishing, so I got the platform all day. The redfish were not in today, but the dolphins and bonnet head sharks were. I landed my first two saltwater fish, and had at least 80 shots at other fish. It was a day of nonstop action, filled with some shark feeding frenzy. Pretty cool.

First Salt Trip….Ass Handed To Me


Not a whole lot to write. I hooked up with a redfish 10 minutes into the trip, and had my ass handed to me. The rest of the time was spent with me trying to hit pockets in the reeds to no avail and our guide polling Hannah around the flat for an attempt at a fish (she did get to cast at a few). It was a great time.

Spring on the North Fork of the White


Long, but productive, day today. Left STL at 230am and floated the NFOW twice (lower section) with Dan Ritter and the guys from Chasing The Dream. We boated quite a few and stayed busy with plenty of chases, and even moved a couple of big fish…but no joy. Left the NFOW around 1pm, and headed for the Current to see what it looked like at 1600cfs at Akers. Cedar grove bridge was just covered and the water at Welch was moving….going to have to lower the max to about 1200. Could have probably floated Tan Vat to Cedar Grove in the boat today though. Good times as always, hope everyone else got out.