The Local Talent……In the Ozarks

2009-11-28pic065(Edited)(Resized)As I was searching around on the interweb today, I got to thinking about all the cool shit that is online from our very own local fly-fishing talent.  For an area of the country that is often overlooked as a “destination” for fly-fishing; we certainly have an abundance of homegrown amateur bloggers, photographer, and videographers.

As someone that knows how much effort you can and sometimes don’t put in to a blog, I thought it was time to sort of showcase some of my favorite sites from some of the local guys.  The list is not any particular order, other than alphabetical, and is definitely not all inclusive.  Check them out and let me (and more importantly them) know what you think.

Brian Wise – Fly Fishing The Ozarks
Fly Fishing The Ozarks is the online home of Brian Wise, head guide at the River of Life Farm on the banks of the North Fork of the White River near Dora, Missouri.  In my mind, Brian is sort of the forefather of amateur videography for the Ozarks; he puts out some quality videos and continues to set the bar high.  You can check in on Brian’s adventures by clicking here

Chris Barclay – The Bream Bum
The Bream Bum will fish for anything, particularly if it can be caught on a fly rod.  Chris has only found fly fishing for trout in the last few years, but loved to chase fish in warm water before.  His blog often features a different write-up from adventures with his conspirator Will King and his photos and written prose follow along nicely.  You can follow Chris’ adventures at this link

Jeff (Last Name Unknown) – High Plains Fly Fisher
High Plains Fly Fisher is where Jeff, whose last name remains a secret at this time, calls home on the net.  If there is one thing about him, this guy gets out and about.   His writings and photography tell the whole story, from departure to arrival and back to departure.   At times his photography can be stellar and place you in the moment.  It is apparent that Jeff values the entire fishing trip from start to finish.  You can read his blog here

Randy Hanner – Troutcore To The Max
Randy Hanner is a member of the 2011 Fly Fishing Team USA competitive fly fishing team.  He doesn’t update his blog as much as he should, but he doesn’t do it because he is Randy “f’ ing” Hanner.  Seriously, this guy can fish and is making a name for himself in the world of competitive fly fishing.  Maybe if enough of us click on the links, Randy will start updating his blog more; you can check it out here

R. Reidy (and other Reidy Family Members) – TroutJourney
This is the online fly fishing home of the Reidy Family.  The story here is the videos that they keep putting up on Vimeo.  The videos are videos filled with a bunch of fishporn, instead they are videos that show the importance of family and the outdoors.  The videography is stellar and the story is there.  I always look forward to seeing their next video or blog posting.  Check out thier site at

Rick Coffman – Live2FlyFish Radio
Rick Coffman hales from Rogersville, Missouri and posts “semi-regular” podcasts online about fly-fishing the Ozarks.  His podcasts aren’t followed as much as they should be, but we are fortunate to have someone local spending his time putting such shows on.  Give them a listen at

Will King — The Riparian Corridor
The Riparian Corridor is the online prescence of Will King an aspiring writer, medium/large format film photographer,  and wild trout connoisseur.  A quick read of some of Will’s posts and you are taken away from your desk at lunch and put on the trip with him and his conspirators.  Great writing and the photography at times is stellar as well.  I am looking forward to his first book about the Ozarks.  Check his site out at

If there is a blog or site that you think is in the caliber of the sites above, drop me an email and let me know.  Always looking for new sites.

–Matt Tucker

White River Scotch, Barley, & Fly-Fishing Social (10-26-11 to 10-30-11)

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAt some point during a summer filled with long hours at the office and cramming for an AISC Certification at work, I decided to send out an email to all my Facebook fly-fishing friends about my need for an extended fall weekend on the White River in search of some autumn brown.  What transpired was an invitation to about 60 for the first White River Scotch, Barley, & Fly-Fishing Social to be held at Bull Shoals State Park on 10-26-2011 to 10-30-2011.  Of those invited, about 10 various characters showed up (Evan Muskopf, Craig Peterson, David Stinnett, Dan Held, Paul Chausse, Ted Calcaterra, Pat Travers, Doug Thompsan, Brian Wise, Brian Greer, Jimmy “T” Traylor, Ron Yarborough, and maybe a guy or two more I have forgotten).

Day 1 (10-27-2011)

The word for the first day was WET.  It rained all day.  The temps didn’t get out of the 40’s for very long.  The only thing that was missing was wind, and this would have been the most complete day on the river.  We decided to drop the two drift boats in at the base of the dam and float to Wildcat Shoals Boat Ramp (about an 11 mile float or so).  With Evan Muskopf and Craig Peterson in my boat, combined with the overcast skies and rain the order of the day was streamers.  We were not rewarded with many fish, but both Evan and Craig got some good follows throwing various Galloup flies (sex dungeons, circus peanuts, and peanut envy) with Evan recieving the biggest follow and eat twice but no hookup.  The rain, combined with few fish made for a long day on the river.  Dan Held and Paul Chausse floated the same section with us, and were throwing some meat to, and were rewarded with a brown just over 20″ or so very early in the trip — needless to say are expectations were high for the day.  The photography would have been stellar except the rain kept the camera in the pelican case most of the day, except for when we pulled over at the Narrows and nymphed and swung streamers for a bit (with only dink rainbows the reward).

We pulled off the river and headed back to Bull Shoals State Park for a dinner of champions and to watch Game 6 of the World Series (Cardinals vs. Rangers).  We were staying in one of the Rent-An-RV units at Bull Shoals State Park and had satellite TV to catch the game.  Normally the “TV” during a fishing trip is the campfire, but this trip with the World Series had special meaning.  As we seasoned up 24oz Porterhouse Steaks, sliced potatoes for the grill, and prepared the onions for the fire, we started watching would would become one of the most epic world series games of all time.  As we ate like champions, our guest of honor arrived for the night in non other than uber Ranger’s fan David Stinnett.  I am not sure what was more fun, fitting 8 guys in the camper around a 20″ television or the hooting and hollering that was going on after the Cardinals win.  I think we finally hit the sack around 1:30am with an early morning just a few hours away.

Day 2 (10-28-2011)

The alarm went off early on Friday morning, we were up at 7am and ready for breakfast at Gaston’s by 8am.  Gaston’s breakfast has got to be the best thing going for hot breakfasts on the river, perfect for a hangover cure.  We were going to float from Wildcat Boat Ramp to Cotter, a float of about 7 miles or so.  We dropped the boats in, ran the shuttle and were on the water by about 10:30am.  We spent Thursday cursing the rain, but would spend Friday cursing the crowds and the high bright sun and bluebird skies.  The fishing was a bit slow today, although fish were caught on the usual suspects, Craig Peterson and David Stinnett tried to stick with streamers in my boat as long as they could.  When Craig tired, I turned the oars over to him and I pounded the bank with not even a follow.  We pulled off the river about 3pm and headed back to Bull Shoals State Park.  There was enough light left, and Dan Held and Paul Chausse were looking to try out the motor they bought for their drift boat so we decided to drop the boats back in at the Dam.  My boat was going to float from Dam to Gastons Boat Ramp and Dan and Paul were going to do multiple drifts in the State Park area.  Craig, David, and I had a great float and fish were caught.  I got to toss some streamers again with Craig on the oars and got some eats in the State Park with no fish landed before getting back on the sticks to float the rest of the way out with Craig and David fishing.  Craig was getting constant action on a Circus Peanut as soon as he was back in the game and it was an enjoyable way to finish out the day on the water.

We finished the day back at camp with bacon wrapped pork tenderloin, grilled potatoes, sweet corn, and an apple pie washed down with plenty of beer around the campfire.  All in all a great fall day on the river.

Day 3 (10-29-2011)

We got on the river early on Friday, having been talked into floating the Norfork River at the base of Lake Norfork Dam.  At the time we decided to do the float, they were running 1 unit of generation.  They were running 1 unit of generation for the early part of the float, but once we got through the Dock Hole, they shut the water off.

The Norfork was a new river for me to float, particularly at low water.  It was interesting to say the least.  Everyone caught fish and the fishing was better than it had been on the White the previous two days.  The river is more of a “river” in the traditional sense with riffle / run / pool type structure.  It was interesting to float in a few places and we definitely left a few new scratches on the boat bottoms from some direct hits on some of the rocks and chutes.  We actually had to get out and push the boat on 3 different occasions.  But again, the fishing was spectacular.  Craig was a brown trout shy of the Grand Slam having landed numerous cutthroat and rainbows, and picked up his lone brook trout in what used to be McClellan’s Hole (wow did that change from how I remember it…..need some streambank stabilization there).

They turned the water back on just as we were getting to the islands above Handicap Access and we were greeted by an easier float out and fish as well.  What was supposed to be numerous trips down the 4 1/2 mile river turned into 1 float that lasted about 9hrs.  It was a long day, but it was a good day.

Day 4 (10-30-2011)

With everyone having longer drives than us back to St. Louis, most everyone left early on Sunday morning.  Craig, Evan, David, and I used the opportunity to nurse some hangovers and sleep in, pack up, hit Gaston’s for breakfast and then head back to St. Louis (with David driving back to the Dallas area).  I am not sure how much was drank this weekend, but this trip was about fellowship just as much as it was the fishing.

It was a good trip, the kind that we used to do on an annual basis down on the White River.  I am fairly certain it will be a trip that is more frequent in the making based upon the comments from everyone this weekend.  Until the next time on the river….


Dry Run Creek; A Quick Road Trip (The Lost Report)

2011-04-02pic010(Edited)(Resized)I just logged in to the site after a long summer hiatus and found this post that I hadn’t finished up from April 2011.  Because of the length of time, I am going to leave the post as-is, and just add the photos from the trip……after all the photos and Hannah’s write up are where it is at.


Oh the things we do for our daughters.  This weekend, it involved driving down to Mountain Home, Arkansas from St. Louis, Missouri to spend about 4 1/2 hours on Dry Run Creek, a truly magical place, with my 9yo Daughter Hannah and my very good friend (and a helluva net man), Brent McClane, before heading back to St. Louis for dinner on Saturday.

To put it simply, the fishing was phenomenal.  Hannah has really seemed to take to mending line (perhaps sometimes too much), but on this day it was what was needed.

In keeping with tradition, below is Hannah’s account of the fishing trip.


Hannah’s Fishing Story

By: Hannah Tucker

Dry Run Creek, AR


It started when I got home from school Friday. I ate two snicker doodles before we left. Then we left—we were on the road. We could not find a restaurant, so Dad and Brent said, “We should go to Missouri Hicks.” It was good! I had a pulled pork sandwich with sweet and spicy sauce, with good mac and cheese. I got two giant cookies. Then we left.

We were on the road again. I fell asleep and had to listen to Dave Matthews Band. I hate Dave Matthews Band. We got to the hotel. We went to sleep.

The next morning Brent’s clock was set wrong. That was really bad. We had to go to Western Sizzler for breakfast. I wanted chocolate-covered mini donuts. But I got voted out. It was o.k. I had a biscuit and bacon. F.Y.I., I love love love bacon. We got done. We were on our way.

We got down there and put on waders and our necklaces. I was ready to go. I fish to a fish and I got it! I was pulling back the rod, and I got a fish! It wasn’t that big, but that’s o.k. I caught a bit more, and then moved down the stream. Dad bet me $5 [I would get a fish]. And I got it. He still owes me my other $5 from the last trip.

O.k., back to the action! Now there’s a giant fish…1, 2, 3…wow, 3 big fish! I caught the smallest fish out of three. I caught a couple more fish. I went to go set down my rod and Brent was coming and he didn’t know it was there and he accidently stepped on my rod. But it was my fault because I put my rod there. But I still kept fishing…

Then I caught the biggest fish of all! I was so excited! And on a broken rod. I was doing my happy dance! It was so heavy I almost dropped it. But I didn’t. Thank goodness. That would be bad. Dad took some pics and I went back to fishing. I caught the two biggest fish. It wasn’t the best fish. The best fish was the one I caught before. It was still big.

We went home. It took a long time, but we were home. THE END.