Updating The Blog…..Long Overdue…

2010-11-20pic002(Resized)This blog update has been a long time coming.  I couldn’t believe that it was November 2012 since the last site updated.  The lack of updates hasn’t been from a lack of fishing last year, just a lack of time.  Lots of things have been going on in the land of OzarkChronicles from the fall of 2012 to today.  Another Missouri Trout Odyssey was had towards the end of 2012, along with plenty of other fishing trips, the start of a Trout Unlimited Chapter in St. Louis (if you are not a member, you need to become one….check out www.gatewaytu.org) of which I am president, and alot of time with family and friends….and even my first saltwater adventure.  So 2012 and most of 2013 have been a busy year.  It saw me being published 5 times, including two feature articles and plenty of other photos popping up all over the interwebs, along with a crazy time at my day job.  But nonetheless this shit needed to get done.  So over the next few weeks, look for me catching up on blog posts.  I will leave them up as new posts for awhile, but then will eventually bump them back to the posts on the original date of the trip…..that way the site acts like a trip log for me (half the fun is looking back at my reports from 2001….yeah, they are on here if you look…..that is how long the OzarkChronicles has been on the interwebs).  At any rate, I hope you enjoy the updates and I look forward to fishing with many of you over the next year.  — Tucker

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